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Fijalkowski (Zdolbunów 1922) - 30 VI 94

30 VI 94

Lot-Nr. 254 | Fijalkowski (Zdolbunów 1922)

30 VI 94 | Result 7.100 €

Oil/canvas, 41,5 x 60 cm, on the reverse sign. a. dat. S. Fijalkowski 30 VI 94, unframed. - Polish painter, graphic artist a. draughtsman. F. studied 1946-51 at the Lodz academy under S. Wegner, L. Tyrowicz u. W. Strzeminski; the last had the greatest impact on him. He began his long academic career at the Lodz academy as early as 1947. He was dean of the graphic department 1971-78, in 1983 he became professor, in 2002 he was granted a honorary doctor. Besides he repeatedly taught at West European academies. F. early turned his back on socialist realism a. clang to the European avantgarde. Since the 1960s he worked with a reduced pictorial language a. often used large-size cycles to put his topics. - Mus.: London (Tate Gall.), New York (MoMA), Moscow (Tretjakow Gall.), Dresden, Hamburg (Kunsthalle) a. others. - Lit.: Saur, Vollmer a. others.

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