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Ferdinand Dorsch (Fünfkirchen Pécz 1875 - Dresden 1938) - Sell & Buy

German painter. With the help of a princely scholarship, D. was able to study at the Dresden Academy from 1891-98, most recently with G. Kuehl. He then settled in Vienna. There he joined the Secession in 1899 before returning to Dresden in 1901. D. was able to close the painting school he founded there in 1904, whose most prominent student was C. Felixmüller, in 1914, when he was offered a position at the Dresden Academy. He won medals at exhibitions in Dresden, Munich and London. Mus.: Dresden (Gem.-Gal. Neue Meister), Leipzig, Regensburg a. others Lit.: AKL, Thieme-Becker, Vollmer

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Ferdinand Dorsch Fünfkirchen (Pécz) 1875 - Dresden 1938

A gentleman on a castle-terrace in autumn

Proceeds : 1.700 €

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Catalog: Auktion 275 (01/2000)

Ferdinand Dorsch (Fünfkirchen (Pécz) 1875 - Dresden 1938)

Two Women

Proceeds : 1.800 €

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Catalog: Art and Antiques (11/2022)

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