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Ernst Barlach (Wedel/Holst. 1870 - Rostock 1938) - A Figure 'Singing Man'

A Figure 'Singing Man'

Lot-Nr. 347 | Ernst Barlach (Wedel/Holst. 1870 - Rostock 1938)

A Figure 'Singing Man' | Result 3.000 €

Designed 1928, posthumous cast in a reduced-size version. Bronze with brown patina. Laterally sign. 'E. Barlach', ed. ars mundi (stamped), numbered copy '641/980', foundry mark by ARA KUNST, Altrandsberg. H. 21 cm. - German sculptor, writer a. illustrator. B. studied 1888-95 at the Hamburg Kunstgewerbeschule a. at the Dresden academy. He lived in Paris for two years before working as ceramicist in Hamburg, among others for the Altona manufactory Mutz. A journey to Russia became distinctive for his work. He first exhibited sculptures from Russian folk life at the Berlin secession in 1907. Subsequently he received many important public commissions. B. was very much pressurized by the Nazis, a. many of his works were seized or destroyed. Today he is appreciated as one of the most important sculptors of the 20th cent. Mus.: Hamburg (Ernst Barlach Haus), Nuremberg (Germanisches Nationalmuseum), Schwerin a. others. Lit.: Schult (cat. rais.) a. others.

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