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Fritz Klimsch: A Figure 'Crouching female Nude'

Fritz Klimsch (Frankfurt/M. 1870 - Saig 1960)

A Figure 'Crouching female Nude'

Lot-No. 325 | Proceeds: 400,00 €

Rosenthal, middle of 20th cent. Biscuit porcelain. Design from 1936. Crouching female nude. Sign. at the side of the plinth 'F. Klimsch'. Manufactory mark. H. 41 cm. - Fritz Klimsch is recognised as one of the most marked sculpturers of the 20th cent. in Germany. 1886-94 he visited the Berlin Academy and was a student of Fritz Schaper. 1898 he became co-founder and member of the managing board of the Berlin secession. 1921 he received a professorship at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Charlottenburg. 1945, after a stopover in Salzburg, Klimsch settled down in Saig near Freiburg. His stays in Italy and Greece had a formative influence on him artistically. His extensive oeuvre contains monuments, portraits and single sculptures. The main topic of his work is the ideal female body shape, for example the sculptures 'Kauernde' (1913), 'Badende' (1918) or 'Versonnene' (1923).

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