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HAP Grieshaber: Schwäbische Alb

HAP Grieshaber (Rot 1909 - Achalm 1981)

Schwäbische Alb

Lot-No. 223 | Proceeds: 1.600,00 €

1964, woodcut in colours, 49,5 x 65,5 cm, up. ri. autographed Grieshaber, up. le. num. 1/100, lo. le. blind stamp 'manus presse', unframed. - Literature: Cat. rais.: Fürst 64/106. - German graphic artist a. painter. After apprenticeship as printer a. type setter he studied calligraphy in Stuttgart. Since the 1930s he concentrated on woodcuts. He was granted numerous international awards a. exhibited repeatedly at the Documenta.

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