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Garvé (Offenbach 1902 - Hamburg 1987) - Houses on Amrum

Houses on Amrum

Lot-Nr. 195 | Garvé (Offenbach 1902 - Hamburg 1987)

Houses on Amrum | Result 1.000 €

Oil/canvas/wood, 5 8x 78 cm, lo. ri. sign. Th. Garvè, min. dam. - Figure, landscape a. still life painter. After being trained as an engine fitter he studied at the Offenbach school of applied arts under V. Cissarz, a. from 1926 to 1930 at the Frankfurt Städelschule under Max Beckmann. He travelled to Berlin, Paris a. Luxembourg with scholarships, a. studied the graphic arts under F.K. Delavilla in 1938/39. G. reorganised the Städelschule after the war. In 1956 he became professor at the Hamburg academy where he made friends with W. Grimm. - Mus.: Frankfurt (Städel), Hannover (Sprengel-Mus.). - Lit.: Vollmer, Der Neue Rump, Heydorn.

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