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Richard Haizmann: Self Portrait

Richard Haizmann Villingen 1895 - Niebüll 1963

Self Portrait

Lot-No. 192 | Proceeds : 400,00 €  

Oil/wood, 39 x 30,5 cm, lo. ri. monogr. R. H. - German painter, graphic artist, sculptor a. ceramicist, after serving in World War I he made a commercial education, by founding an art shop he Hamburg he came in contact with E. Nolde, E.-L. Kircher, K. Schmidt-Rottluff u. E. Heckel a. started to create art himself, defamed as 'degenerate' by the Nazis he retired to Niebüll. - Mus.: Hamburg (MK&G), Bielefeld, Niebüll (R.H.-Mus.). - Lit.: Vollmer, Der Neue Rump.

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