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Johann Heinrich Menzel: A Baroque sugar box

Johann Heinrich Menzel (Breslau 1685 - Augsburg 1750)

A Baroque sugar box

Lot-No. 682 | Proceeds : 1.600,00 €  

Augsburg, around 1717-18. Silber, gilded and marked with city mark, MM.: "IHM" im Vierpass, zick zack line and also with rehallmarking of the early 19th cent. A similar box at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. (Comp. Seling, Die Kunst der Augsburger Goldschmiede, 1529-1868, vol. I, p. 332 and vol. III, p. 328. For rehallmarking comp. Rosenberg, vol. IV, p. 35). Gilding outside worn. H. 5 cm, 8,5 x 6,5 cm

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