Künstlerverzeichnis - Vinnen, Carl

Summer in Worpswede

Carl Vinnen (Bremen 1863 - München 1922)

Summer in Worpswede | Hammer €

Oil/canvas, 57 x 70,5 cm, lo. le. monogr. a. dat. CV 1906. - German landscape painter, studied since 1886 at the Karlsruhe a. Düsseldorf academies where he met F. Mackensen a. O. Modersohn, he was in closest contact with the Worpswede artist"s colony without living in Worpswede, he was a main exponent of German art in the so called "Bremer Künstlerstreit" (Bremen artist"s conflict) between German artists a. the French Avantgarde. - Mus.: Berlin, Hamburg (Kunsthalle), Braunschweig a. others. - Lit.: Thieme-Becker a. others.