Künstlerverzeichnis - Henrik Nicolaas Werkman

Uittocht (Exodus)

Henrik Nicolaas Werkman (Leens 1882 - Bakkeveen 1945)

Uittocht (Exodus) | Hammer €

1941, mixed media (stencil a. stamp)/paper, 65,5 x 49,5 cm, matted a. framed under glass, on the reverse cardboard fragment of an inventory label of the Henri Nannen collection. - Cat. rais.: Dekkers D-191. - Prov.: Henri Nannen collection; Estate of Hilde von Lang, managing director and publisher of the German weekly newspaper "Die Zeit", partner in life of Gerd Bucerius, founder of "Die Zeit" and patron of the arts. - One of the most important exponents of Dutch avantgarde, trained as printer a type setter he experimented with the most different materials, in 1920 he joined the artist"s group "De Ploeg", founded the art magazines "Blaad voor Kunst" a. "The Next Call" which he completely designed a. printed, thereafter he began to use different materials for printing to create monotypes, because of his critical printed matters he was arrested in Groningen by the Germans in 1945 a. killed few days before the town was liberated, as early as 1945 the town of Amsterdam endowed a prize named after him, W. Sandberg organised a great retrospective in the same year, some of his works were exhibited at the Documenta III. - Mus.: Amsterdam (Stedelijk Mus.), Groningen, Offenbach. - Lit.: Vollmer, Bénézit, Scheen, Dekkers a. others, H.N.W., Het complete oeuvre, 2008.