Künstlerverzeichnis - Petrus Wandrey

King Tron's Mask

Petrus Wandrey (Dresden 1939 - Hamburg 2012)

King Tron's Mask | Hammer €

1990, Plastic with relief surface. 37 x 19,5 cm, tiled and. © Wandrey 1990. As an extra: a plastic pendant, 7,5 x 12 cm, © Wandrey 1990 and a silk cushion with printed decor 40 x 40 cm. - German painter a. sculptor. W. began studying architecture but soon went to the design department of the Hamburg academy. He first worked for the TV. He worked as illustrator for newspapers a. developed a style that he called 'digitalism', inspired by computer hardware. W. had numerous exhibitions, including in Braunschweig Landesmuseum a. the Museum of Fine Arts in Leipzig. His works are in many important collections, including the collection Falckenberg in Hamburg.