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Max Uhlig (Dresden 1937) - Artist

German painter, draughtsman a. graphic artist. U. studied 1955-60 at the Dresden Hochschule für Bildende Künste under M. Schwimmer a. H. Richter the latter of which he followed to Berlin as master student. In his early career until 1978 he mainly produced prints a. also worked as a printer for other artist, e.g. O. Niemeyer-Holstein. U. was professor in Dresden. He was award among others the Käthe Kollwitz prize a. the Hans Theo Richter prize. Mus.: Berlin (Neue Nat.-Gal. a. others), London (Tate, British Museum, V&A), New York (Metrop. Mus.), Dresden (Gal. Neue Meister a. others), Munich (Lenbachhaus a. others), Hamburg (Kunsthalle), Nuremberg (Germ. Nat.-Mus.), Vienna (Albertina) a. othe Lit.: Vollmer.

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Max Uhlig Dresden 1937


Proceeds: 200,00 €

Link to catalog: Auktion 278 (01/2000)

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