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Norbert Grund

Czech landscape painter. G. was taught painting in the studio of his father, the painter to the court David G. After 1737 G. travelled Germany a. went to Vienna, probably also to Venice. In 1750 he returned to Prague a. was enrolled in the local painter's guild in 1752. His mostly small landscape paintings come frome a Dutch tradition, but in their arcadic mood a. their colour they show French a. Italian influences. G.s painting were reproduced in many prints. Mus.: Prag (Nat. Gall.), Dresden (Gem.-Gal. Alte Meister), Berlin (Gem.-Gal.), Nuremberg (Germ. Nat.-Mus.), Aachen, Hermannstadt, Helsiniki a. others. Lit.: Thieme-Becker.

Idyllic Landscape with Farm and Herdsmen

Norbert Grund (Prag 1717 - Prag 1767)

Idyllic Landscape with Farm and Herdsmen

Result € 4.300,00| Auction: September 2015 (09/2015)

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