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Henry van Assche (Brüssel 1774 - Brüssel 1841) - Artist

One of the most successful Belgian landscape painters of his time, trained by J. B. Roy in Brussels. He travelled Italy, France, the Netherlands, Germany a. Switzerland before settling in Brussels. Since 1818 he became member of the Brussels, Amsterdam a. Antwerp academies. In 1836 he was awarded the Belgian order of Leopold. Sometimes B. P. Ommeganck a. E. Verboeckhoven painted the figures in A.s landscapes. Mus.: Amsterdam (Rijksmus.), Antwerp, Brussels, Haarlem, Innsbruck a. others. Lit.: Saur, Thieme-Becker, Bénézit.

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Idyllic Landscape with Watermill

Henry van Assche Brüssel 1774 - Brüssel 1841

Idyllic Landscape with Watermill

Proceeds: 4.500,00 €

Link to catalog: November 2013 Kunst und Antiquitäten (11/2013)

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