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Enea Ferrari (Soncino 1908 - 1972) - Artist

Italian painter a. object artist, studied 1924-28 at the Bera in Milan. He worked as restorer until he moved his studio to the Palazzo Meroni-Manzoni in Soncino where he became teacher of Piero Manzoni. F.'s monochrome white paintings became distinctive for Manzoni a. made him a worldwide reputation, but also confronted him with the criticism of producing fakes. F. as artistical innovator of that kind of painting waits to be rediscovered. Lit.: Saur.

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Enea Ferrari Soncino 1908 - 1972

Seria 037 N. 1034

Proceeds : 2.500 €

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Catalog: September 2013 Kunst (09/2013)

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