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Rolf Rose (Halberstadt 1933) - Sell & Buy

German painter who lives and works in Hamburg since 1953. On the occadion of this 70th in 2003 birthday the Hamburg Kunsthalle dedicated him a retrospective.

From past auctions

Rolf Rose (Halberstadt 1933)


Proceeds : 5.000 €

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Catalog: 24 February 2024: Art of the 20th and 21st Century (02/2024)

Rolf Rose (Halberstadt 1933)

Companion Pieces: Pokorra

Proceeds : 3.700 €

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Catalog: 7 May 2022: Art and Antiques (05/2022)

Rolf Rose (Halberstadt 1933)

Composition in Red and Black

Proceeds : 2.200 €

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Catalog: November 2011 (11/2011)

Rolf Rose (Halberstadt 1933)

Structure in Dark Red

Proceeds : 1.900 €

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Catalog: Kunst und Antiquitäten (12/2018)

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