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Max von Schmaedel: Milk Maid and Gardener

Max von Schmaedel (Augsburg 1856 - 1939)

Milk Maid and Gardener

Lot-No. 483 | Proceeds: 6.300,00 €

Oil/canvas, 166 x 117 cm, lo. le. sign. Max v. Schmaedel, min. rest. - Exhibition: The painting was exhibited: Glaspalast Munich 1889. - Literature: Boetticher p. 586, no. 5. - German painter. S. studied since 1873 at the Munich academy, among others under C. von Piloty. After traveling the US he settled in Munich where he exhbiited at the Glaspalast since 1888. His paintings were also showcased at the Munich secession as well as at the academy exhibitions in Dresden, Berlin and Venice. Lit.: Thieme-Becker, Bénézit, Boetticher.

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