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Auction 16 May 2020 - Lot-Nr. 246

Paintings and Drawings
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Lot-Nr. 246 | Agnes Martin (Macklin/Kanada 1912 - Taos/USA 2004)

Paintings and Drawings | Sold

Ten original lithographs, in: Paintings and Drawings. 1974-1990. Exh. cat. Stedelijk Mus. Amsterdam, Museum Wiesbaden, Westfälisches Landesmus. Münster und Musée d'Art Moderne, Paris, 1991. Lithographs, catalogue of the first retrospective of the artist and brochure on the occasion of awarding of the Alexej Jawlensky prize to Martin in portfolio. - Provenance: Private collection Niedersachsen. - Canadian artist of minimalism. M. studied at US universities since 1931 and tought at universities and schools. In the late 1950s she developed her typical minimalist style. Mus.: New York (Guggenheim, MoMA), Los Angelos (MOCA), London (Tate) a. others.

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