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Auction 16 May 2020 - Lot-Nr. 358

A Louis-Seize Pendule 'La Bacchante'
A Louis-Seize Pendule 'La Bacchante'  - Bild 1

Lot-Nr. 358 |

A Louis-Seize Pendule 'La Bacchante' | Sold

Paris, around 1780. Bronze, firegilded, polished and engraved. Fine bronzier work, after a model probably of Pierre Gouthière (1732-1813), almost identical piece in Mus. Petit Palais à Paris. White enamel dial, golden hands, date aperture, labelled 'Mathieu Lainé a Paris' (seller's signature). Round pendulum movement, count wheel striking mechanism on bell for half and full hour. - Iconography and composition are based on scetches by Claude Michel Clodion (1738 - 1814). H. 52 cm, w. 41 cm, d. 12,5 cm. - Literature: Pierre Kjellberg, Encyclopédie de La Pendule Francaise, 1997, p.268; Hans Ottomeyer/Peter Pröschel, Vergoldete Bronzen, I., 1986, p.280, fig. 4.13.1 und 4.13.3.; Elke Niehüser, Die französische Bronzeuhr, 1997, p. 207. - Provenance: Private Collection Hamburg. -

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