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Theodor Kärner: A sitting Rabbit

Theodor Kärner (Hohenberg/Eger 1885 - München 1966)

A sitting Rabbit

Lot-No. 329 | Proceeds: 1.500,00 €

Nymphenburg, designed 1913, made 1914. Porcelain with underglazed painting in light brown colour shades. Manufactory mark and model no. 389, painter's sign. 'F.Ch 1914' (= Friedrich Christi, active 1904-1914 in the manufactory). - Literature: Gerhard P. Woeckel: Die Tierplastik der Nymphenburger Porzellan-Manufaktur, München1978, fig. 85, p. 83 and 163. - Theodor Kärner who designed many models for Rosenthal and Nymphenburg, was appointed to a professorship at the Academy of Arts in Munich in 1938 and held an appointment as Art Director of the manufactory Allach until 1945.

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