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Ernst Fuchs: A bronze sculpture 'Achill'

Ernst Fuchs (Wien 1930 - Wien 2015)

A bronze sculpture 'Achill'

Lot-No. 427 | Proceeds: 1.600,00 €

Bronze with black patina, h. 37 cm, sign. 'Ernst Fuchs', numbered copy '40/1450', edition Venturi Arte, on a marble base (h. 13 cm). - Painter, graphic artist a. architect, one of the main exponents of Phantastic Realism, already at the age of 16 he began studying at the Vienna academy, among others under A. Gütersloh, as early as 1949 he had his first solo exhibition in Paris where he settled in 1950, in 1962 he returned to Vienna where he bought the Otto Wagner Mansions in 1972 that later became the Ernst Fuchs Museum, he exhibits all over the world a. was repeatedly awarded.

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