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Paul Citroen: Portrait of a Boy

Paul Citroen (Berlin 1896 - Wassenaar 1983)

Portrait of a Boy

Lot-No. 193 | Proceeds: 1.000,00 €

Oil/cardboard, 37,5 x 32,5 cm, lo. le. sign. P. Citroen, up. ri. sign. again Citroen. - Dutch photo artist a. painter. C. worked for H. Waldens 'Sturm' in Berlin a. was also connected to the Dada movement. He was one of the first artist to try photomontages. 1922-24 he was pupil of J. Itten at the Bauhaus. Later he moved to the Netherlands; he was professor at the Den Haag academy 1945-60.

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