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Josef Floch: Wartende III - Waiting III

Josef Floch (Wien 1895 - New York 1977)

Wartende III - Waiting III

Lot-No. 175 | Proceeds: 23.500,00 €

1928, oil/canvas, 73 x 38,5 cm, lo. ri. sign. Floch. - Literature: Cat. rais.: Pallauf 198. - Provenance: Private collection Hong Kong; thence by descent to private collection Hamburg. - Austrian-American painter. F. studied 1913-18 at the Vienna academy, in 1919 he joined the avantgardist Hagenbund. After 1921 he lived in Holland a. Palestine for a while before settling in Paris a. becoming one of the leading exponents of the École de Paris. In 1941 he emigrated to the USA where he continued to be successful.

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