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Alexander Kolde: Near the 'Zipfelberg' - Courland Spit

Alexander Kolde (Neuhaldensleben 1886 - Flensburg 1963)

Near the 'Zipfelberg' - Courland Spit

Lot-No. 183 | Proceeds: 2.000,00 €

Probably around 1954, oil/cardboard, 43 x 50 cm, lo. ri. sign. A. Kolde, on the reverse on artist's adress label titled 'Am Zipfelberg'. - The 'Zipfelberg' is a hill in the vicinity of former East Prussian Village of Groß Kuhren, today Primorje. - Expertise: The artist's daughters, Berta Alexandrovna Kolde and Katharina Kolde, have kindly confirmed the authenticity of the painting. - Literature: Cf. the ill. in: B. Alexandrowna Kolde/K. Kolde: Alexander Kolde. Meister der Farbe, Husum 2010, cover and p. 58. - German expressionist painter. K. studieda at the Berlin academy since 1906, thereafter in Munich a. Königsberg. He was also pupil of L. Corinth in Berlin in 1913. He went to Königsberg where he founded the artist's group 'Der Ring'. After WW II he settled in Flensburg.

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