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Friedrich Carl Gröger: Self Portrait

Friedrich Carl Gröger (Plön 1766 - Hamburg 1838)

Self Portrait

Lot-No. 30 | Proceeds: 2.500,00 €

Ca. 1812, pastel, 38 x 29,5 cm, framed under glass, min. dam. - Literature: Cf. cat. rais. Vignau-Wilberg nos. 150 and 151. - German painter a. lithographer, the best North German portrait painter of the early 19th cent., worked in his father's tailor workshop a. learned painting as autodidact, in 1785 he moved to Lübeck where H. J. Aldenrath became his pupil, later they also shared their studio a. their home, since 1789 they studied at the Berlin academy, after travelling extensively they settled in Hamburg in 1814 a. set up a lithographer's workshop where Aldenrath reproduced G.'s famous portrait paintings.

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