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Karl Hagemeister: Lake with Reed

Karl Hagemeister (Werder/Havel 1848 - Werder/Havel 1933)

Lake with Reed

Lot-No. 44 | Proceeds: 6.400,00 €

Pastel/paper/cardboard, 56 x 83 cm, lo. le. sign. K. Hagemeister, min. dam., framed under glass. - German landscape a. figure painter. On recommendation of F. K. Bellermann he studied in the studio of F. Preller sen. in Weimar 1871-73. H. travelled extensively, among others with W. Trübner a. C. Schuch, together with the latter he went to Barbizon a. shared a studio by the Brandenburg Schwielowsee. H. was member of the Berlin secession. In 1913 he was awarded the Bavarian Ludwigs-Medaille.

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