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Kurt Löwengard: Vitte on the Island of Hiddensee

Kurt Löwengard (Hamburg 1895 - London 1940)

Vitte on the Island of Hiddensee

Lot-No. 165 | Proceeds: 3.200,00 €

Oil on canvas, 61 x 72 cm, lo. ri. sign. a. titled Löwengard Vitte. - Hamburg painter, draughtsman a. graphic artist. L. was pupil of A. Siebelist before WW I. Since 1919 he studied at the Weimar Bauhaus under W. Klemm a. L. Feininger. After travelling extensively he became member of the Hamburg secession, of the Hamburgische Künstlerschaft a. of the Altonaer Künstlerverein since 1923. L. was harrassed by the Nazis for a long time before in 1939 he emigrated to London. There he died devitalised only a few month later. - Mus.: Hamburg (Kunsthalle, Altonaer Museum), Schleswig (SHLM), Rendsburg (Jüdisches Museum) a. others. - Lit.: Thieme-Becker, Vollmer, Rump, Der Neue Rump, Bruhns 'K. L. 1895-1940' a. others.

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