Februar 2015 Dekorative Kunst → A cutlery sculpture 'Don Quijote'

Aftersale Auction 26 September 2020 - Lot-Nr. 323

A cutlery sculpture 'Don Quijote'
A cutlery sculpture 'Don Quijote'  - Bild 1

Lot-Nr. 323 | Bouvier (Caen 1942)

A cutlery sculpture 'Don Quijote' | Reserveprice 900 €

1996. Metal. A figure of 'the ingenious nobleman from the La Mancha region' made of cutlery parts. Sign. and dat. 'Bouvier 96'. H. 35 cm. - A painter, draughtsman and sculpturer who did his first exhibitions at the age of 24 in Caen and Vence. In 1969 he moved to Italy and focused on sculpture. During his stay in the United States in 1970 he developped the idea to design figurative and abstract sculptures made of cutlery parts. Beginning in 1986 first modest exhibitions with 'sculptures made of cutlery parts'. B. has been living and working in the Dordogne (France) since 1973.

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