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A rare and important bronze Buddha 'Shakyamuni'

A rare and important bronze Buddha 'Shakyamuni'

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A rare and important bronze Buddha 'Shakyamuni' | Result 10.900 €

China, 1494 (Hongzhi-period 1488-1505). Gilt bronze. Figure of the historical Budhha Shakyamuni sitting in vajrasana on a lotus throne. A chaste monk's robe falling freely from his left shoulder without covering his chest. His hair is symetrically arranged around his head to small curls, which form an ushnisha at the top. With his right hand he performs the bhumisparsa mudra (gesture of touching the ground). Back with inscription and dating to the 6th year of reign of the emperor Hongzhi. H. 26,5 cm. - Prov.: Form an old Swedish collection. Acquired 1967 from the auction house A.B.Rasmussen in Copenhagen. Exhibitions: 1959 in Copenhagen and 2013 in Stockholm. - Enclosed material expertise from the Paz Laboratories for Archeometry (Nr. KRH120131005) confirms the dating to the 15th cent.

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