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Erich Erler: Goatherd in the Alps

Erich Erler (Frankenst./Schles. 1870 - Icking/München 1946)

Goatherd in the Alps

Lot-No. 471 | Proceeds : 4.000,00 €  

Oil/canvas, 92,5 x 95 cm, lo. ri. sign. Erich Erler. - German landscape a. figure painter, brother of Fritz E. After being trained as type setter E. took drawing lessons under A. Bräuer. To cure a lung disease he moved to Samaden in the Engadin in Switzerland in 1898. In 1901 he joined the Munich artist's group 'Scholle', in 1912 the Munich secession. - Mus.: Munich (Lenbachhaus a. others), Aachen (Suermondt-Ludwig-Mus.), Wuppertal (Von der Heydt-Mus.), Los Angeles, Leipzig, Breslau, Regensburg a. others. - Lit.: Saur, Thieme-Becker, Vollmer a. others.

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