Catalogue ArchiveJuni 2014 → Gotsch (Pries/Kiel 1900 - Schleswig 1984) - Blumenstrauß

Gotsch (Pries/Kiel 1900 - Schleswig 1984) - Blumenstrauß


Lot-Nr. 102 | Gotsch (Pries/Kiel 1900 - Schleswig 1984)

Blumenstrauß | Reserveprice 2.000 €

Pastel, 58 x 42 cm, lo. ri. monogr. a. dat. FKG 42/66, matted a. framed under glass, uninspected out of frame. - This motif has been repeated by the artist in the watercolour of 1966, also offered in this auction. - Landscape painter, pupil of H. Ralfs in Kiel, studied at the Dresden Academy under Hettner a. under Kokoschka, study trips to the USA, to Paris, Italy a. Munich, founder of the F.-K. Gotsch trust. - Mus.: Los Angeles, Genf (Petit Palais), Schleswig (SHLM), Würzburg a. others. - Lit.: Vollmer.

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