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Moritz von Schwind Wien 1804 - München 1871 - St. Andrew

St. Andrew

Lot-Nr. 334 | Moritz von Schwind Wien 1804 - München 1871

St. Andrew | Result 2.200 €

- Pencil, charcoal a. watercolour, 133 x 37 cm, on the backing wood panel stock label of the collection Arnold Otto Meyer, min. dam., fraemd under glass. - Prov.: Collection Arnold Otto Meyer, Hamburg, stock no. 205; Auction House Boerner, Leipzig, auction CXXIII, 16.-18.3.1914, lot no. 102; thence by descent in a Hamburg collection. A. O. Meyer owned one of the largest Schwind collections of the early 20th cent. - The drawing is from a series of designs for church windows in Landshut, Bavaria, probably made in 1853. The artist made inconspicuous pencil notes concerning the colouring in the drawing. - Cf. the designs for other apostles and Maria in Otto Weigmann: Schwind, 1906, p. 313, with ill. - Austrian painter a. graphic artist. S. studied painting at the Vienna academy under Schnorr von Carolsfeld a. J. P. Krafft. Upon recommendation of P. Cornelius he was given a commission by the Queen of Bavaria, soon followed by further commissions. In 1840 he settled in Karlsruhe where he among others frescoed parts of the Kunsthalle. After working at the Frankfurt Städelschule for some time he was made professor in Munich in 1848. By the mid 1850s he painted his famous frescoe cycle in the Wartburg. S. is one of the most important a. most popular artists of late romanticism. Through his illustrations for fairy tales his works were widely spread.

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