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Paul Müller-Kaempff: Dunes and Sea

Paul Müller-Kaempff Oldenburg/O. 1861 - Berlin 1941

Dunes and Sea

Lot-No. 65 | Proceeds: 4.100,00 €

Oil/canvas, 50 x 70,5 cm, lo. le. sign. P. Müller-Kaempff. - North German landscape painter, studied at the Düsseldorf a. Karlsruhe academies a. as master student of H. F. Gude in Berlin, founder of the Ahrenshoop painters colony, temporarily member of the artists group 'Schwaan'. - Mus.: Hamburg (Kunsthalle), Kiel (Kunsthalle) a. others. - Lit.: Vollmer, Der Neue Rump, Heydorn, Schulz 'Ahrenshoop - Künstlerlexikon' a. others.

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