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Andreas Dirks: Fishing Boats

Andreas Dirks Tinnum/Sylt 1865 - Düsseldorf 1922

Fishing Boats

Lot-No. 134 | Proceeds: 1.900,00 €

Oil/canvas, 111 x 150 cm, lo. le. sign. Dirks. - German marine a. landscape painter, the most important marine painter of the Düsseldorf painting school next to A. Achenbach, he began his trainting at the Hamburg art school, 1885/86 he studied at the Düsseldorf academy, 1887-93 at the Weimar academy under L. von Kalckreuth a. Th. Hagen, in 1895 he settled in Düsseldorf where he joined the artist's group 'Malkasten' a. became professor in 1916, he also worked in his studio on Sylt every year a. travelled extensively. - Mus.: Düsseldorf, Weimar, Kiel, Flensburg a. others. - Lit.: Saur, Thieme-Becker a. others.

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