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Johann Baptist Hermann Hundt: Bathers with Swan

Johann Baptist Hermann Hundt Mülheim/Ruhr 1894 - Plettenberg 1974

Bathers with Swan

Lot-No. 236 | Proceeds : 1.000,00 €  

Oil/canvas, 60 x 80,5 cm, lo. le. sign. B. H. Hundt, min. pigment loss. - German figure a. landscape painter, studied at the Düsseldorf academy until 1914 when entering army service, after the war he was in East Frisia with O. Pankok a. G. Wollheim, thereafter he continued his studies at the Düsseldorf academy as master student of H. Nauen, in 1922 he became member of the artists group 'Junges Rheinland'. - Mus.: Düsseldorf. - Lit.: Thieme-Becker, Vollmer, Ulrich Krempel: Am Anfang: Das Junge Rheinland.

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