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Antonie Sminck Pitloo: The Blue Grotto in Capri

Antonie Sminck Pitloo (Arnheim 1791 - Neapel 1837)

The Blue Grotto in Capri

Lot-No. 30 | Proceeds: 34.700,00 €

Oil/canvas, 29 x 40 cm, lo. le. sign. Pitloo, on the reverse seal of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, some rest. - Prov.: Collection of the Royal House of the Two Sicilies; Bremen private collection. - Dutch landscape painter, studied in Paris, with a scholarship of Louis Bonaparte he was able to travel to Rome, where he joined the local colony of Dutsch artists, after 1815 he achieved a professorship in Naples a. became head of the painting school of Posilippo which is considered to be a predecessor of impressionism; he died in a cholera epidemic. - Amsterdam (Rijksmus.), Naples (Capodimonte), Vienna, Nantes a. others. - Lit.: Thieme-Becker, Bénézit, Scheen.

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