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A bronze buddha "Amithayus’

A bronze buddha "Amithayus’

Lot-No. 802 | Proceeds : 7.100,00 €  

China, around 1770. (Qianlong-period 1736-1796). Gilt bronze. Seated figurine of the Buddha Amithayus with serene facial expression on a conical open worked base with reliefed corners. Inscription at the base ("Qianlong-period") and dating. Mark on the inside of the base. Partly traces of age and use, attribute is missing. H. 19 cm. - According to the tradion this bronze Buddha once belonged to a small number of identical sculptures that are believed to have been made on the occasion of the birthday of the Emperor"s mother. - Prov.: From an old Danish coll. Acquired on the German art market prior to Worl War II.

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