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Joseph Beuys: Initiation gauloise

Joseph Beuys (Kleve 1921 - Düsseldorf 1986)

Initiation gauloise

Lot-No. 234 | Proceeds: 1.600,00 €

Lithograph in colours, 55 x 75,5 cm, lo. le. sign. Joseph Beuys as well as inscribed "Initiation gauloise 1958-74", unframed. - Cat. rais.: Schellmann 190. - One of the most influential German artists of the post-war time, studied at the Düsseldorf Academy under J. Ensling a. E. Mataré, exhibited repeatedly at the Documenta. - Mus.: New York, Chicago, Boston, Zürich, Dublin, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, London a. others.

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