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August Wilhelm Dressler: The Bride

August Wilhelm Dressler (Bergesgrün 1886 - Berlin 1970)

The Bride

Lot-No. 224 | Proceeds : 5.000,00 €  

Oil/canvas, 85 x 60 cm, lo. ri. sign. Dressler as well as monogr. WD, on the reverse titled. - Important exponent of New Objectivity, after apprenticeship as lithographer he studied 1906-13 at the Dresden a. Leipzig academies, among others under R. Müller, thereafter he settled in Berlin where he joined the Novembergruppe a. the Secession, in 1928 he was awarded the Großer Staatspreis at the Berlin academy exhibiton, a scholarship of the Villa Massimo allowed him to spend one year in Rome, the impressions of which enforced his inclination to a classical ideal of beauty, in 1955 his life"s work is recognized with the Berlin Staatspreis a. a large retrospective. - Mus.: Mannheim. - Lit.: Vollmer.

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