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Albert Johannsen: Nordstrander Nordhafen

Albert Johannsen (Husum 1890 - Husum 1975)

Nordstrander Nordhafen

Lot-No. 121 | Proceeds: 800,00 €

Oil/cardboard, 50 x 65 cm, lo. ri. sign. A. Johannsen, on the reverse titled a. dat. 1944 as well as estate stamp with no. 172. - Landscape a. portrait painter, studied at the Weimar art school among others under F. Mackensen, in Dresden under J. Sperl as well as under G. Bantzer in Kassel. - Mus.: Flensburg (Museumsberg), Husum, Kiel, Schleswig a. others. - Lit.: Vollmer, Schulte-Wülwer "Föhr, Amrum und die Halligen in der Kunst" a. others.

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