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Friedrich Ahlers-Hestermann (Hamburg 1883 - Berlin 1973) - Gardens of Childhood

Gardens of Childhood

Lot-Nr. 3 | Friedrich Ahlers-Hestermann (Hamburg 1883 - Berlin 1973)

Gardens of Childhood | Reserveprice 7.500 €

Oil/canvas, 68 x 94,5 cm, sign. a. dat. lo. ri. F. Ahlers-Hestermann 55, on the reverse titled on label of Deutscher Künstlerbundes, Fünfte Ausstellung Hannover 1955. - Cat. rais.: Manigold 401. In his "Gardens of Childhood’ A.-H. revisits a motif from a main work from 1932, aggrandising a. enriching it. In front of the Hamburg skyline in the distance the artists depicts a pond in a park. The poetic idealisation a. the lyric colourism distinguishing his mature style become means of expression of a distant recollection. The artist remarked on the painting: "The memory goes back even further in the past a. the "Gardens of Childhood" come alive, the curved outlines of the banks of the neighbouring pond, the ball game, the kiosk, the carousel a. all the other faded felicities of childhood." - Painter a. author, trained by A. Siebelist, travelled to Paris with F. Nölken a. W. Rosam where he became pupil of H. Matisse in 1910 a. met his future wife, A. Povorina, member of the Hamburgischer Künstlerclub a. the Hamburg secession, since 1928 professor at the Cologne Werkkunstschule, dismissed by the Nazis in 1933, after the war he became a head of the Berlin academy of arts, was awarded the Bundesverdienstkreuz a. the Edwin Scharff award. - Mus.: Berlin, Hamburg, Essen, Köln u.a. - Lit.: Der Neue Rump; F. A.-H., Pause vor dem dritten Akt, 1949 (1975); C. Meyer-Tönnesmann, Der Hamburgische Künstlerclub von 1897, 1985; Manigold, Der Hamburger Maler F.A.-H., Phil. Diss. VHG Hamburg 1986; Ewers-Schultz, F. A.-H., hrsg. von der Gal. Herold Hamburg, Fischerhude 2003; C. Meyer-Tönnesmann u.a.: Zwischen Hamburg u. Paris. Die Siebelist-Schüler, Ausst.-Kat., Hamburg 2009.

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