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Aleksandr Vachrameev: At the Shoemaker

Aleksandr Vachrameev (Archangelsk 1874 - St. Petersburg 1926)

At the Shoemaker

Lot-No. 590 | Proceeds: 2.000,00 €

Watercolour, 22,5 x 21 cm, lo. le. cyrillic sign. and dat. A. Vachrameev 1921 7/VI, matted and framed under glass, uninspected out of frame. - Russian painter. V. studied 1989 to 1903 at the St. Petersburg academy. After working in Penza for a short period he settled in St. Petersburg in 1906 and became member of the academy around 1920. Lit.: Bown: A dictionary of twentieth century Russian and Sowjet painters.

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