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Daniel Spoerri (Galati/Rumänien 1930) - Table Still Life

Table Still Life

Lot-Nr. 228 | Daniel Spoerri (Galati/Rumänien 1930)

Table Still Life | Reserveprice 800 €

Offset/fabric, 124 x 249 cm, lo. ri. autographed Daniel Spoerri, dat. Vreitag, 13. Okt. 78 as well as inscribed e.a.Swiss artist, dancer a. director of Romanian origin, founder of Eat-Art, after a career as dancer he settled in Paris in 1959 where he met J. Tinguely, Arman a. Y. Klein, created his first sculptures a. invented the so called Tableaux pièges which depicted the leftovers of meals on tables, in 1960 he was co-founder of the artist"s group Nouveau Réalisme, in 1968 he founded the "Eat-Art Edition" a. the Restaurant Spoerri in Düsseldorf, 1978-89 he was professor at the academies Cologne a. Munich. - Mus.: Paris (Centre Pompidou), New York (MoMA), London (Tate), Vienna (Mus. Ludwig), Hannover (Sprengel-Mus.) a. others.

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