Our Auction House Auktionshaus Stahl Hamburg

Auktionshaus Stahl has been present on the market for four decades and represents an established name among German art dealers with international renown.

As a family-owned business we possess decades on uninterrupted expertise and experience in the mediation and valuation of works of art.

We have access to a solid and solvent stable of buyers and vendors inside and outside the country that was cultivated and continually expanded over decades as well as excellent contacts to leading experts and museums around the world.

A staff of experienced experts and PhD art historians form our current, market-oriented and scientifically up-to-date team of advisors.

We use all the modern presentation methods and techniques such as live bidding.

Our customers profit from:

  • Classic paths of distribution such as high quality presentation of the objects that are on offer in an elaborately produced print catalogue.
  • An excellent and attractive own Internet presence (also in English) with an additional flip catalogue.
  • Additional object presentation on different external, national and international auction platforms that take into account the specific requirements of the collectors in the relevant country and that develop important markets such as East Asia in a targeted manner.
  • Advertising presences in leading art magazines and in the relevant daily newspapers with corresponding editorial reception in the media.
  • Our many years of cooperation with national and international art databases.

We present a varied range of high quality objects from the 17th to the 21st Centuries that covers all types of art and antiques in an appropriate manner in the representative and spacious premises of our family-owned city villa on Graumannsweg, close to the Alster River and the city centre.

Our firm is characterised by its standards of quality, solidarity and discretion. Outstanding contracts, years of loyalty and a constantly expanding customer base, also from countries outside Europe, are the results of these maxims.

We are distinguished by competence, flexibility and fast reaction to changes whilst still keeping our focus on lasting values in times of change.

The Auktionshaus Stahl is Member of BDK and partner of Art Loss Register. All lots with a reserve price greater or equal 2.500 € are being compared with the databse of Art Loss Register.

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Schedule of Auctions

  • 27 February 2021
  • 8 May 2021