Künstlerverzeichnis - Francisco Zuñiga

A bronze figure 'Rice planters'

Francisco Zuñiga Guadalupe/Costa-Rica 1912 - Tlalpan/Mexiko 1998

A bronze figure 'Rice planters' | Hammer €

1984. Bronze with lightbrown patina, H. 34 cm, sign., dat. and numb. 'Zuñiga 1984 II/VI'. - Catalogue raisonné no. 956. - This sculpture is illustrated in: Francisco Zuñiga, Zeichnungen und Skulpturen, Cat. Of the exhibition in the Galerie Levy, 1986.- Central American sculptor and painter in Costa Rica and Mexico, since 1927 pupil of the artschool San José, 1936 emigration to Mexico, where he studied in class of M. Rodrìguez Lozano and of O. Martìnez. Later Professor of the academia La Esmeralda in Mexico-City, member of the independent sculptor workshop 'Taller Libre de Escultura'. - Mus.: New York (MET, MoMA), Mexico City (Museo de Arte Moderno) and others.