Künstlerverzeichnis - Emil Schumacher


Emil Schumacher (Hagen 1912 - San José/Ibiza 1999)

Composition | Hammer €

1961, lithograph in colours, 42,5 x 62 cm, lo. ri. autographed Schumacher, lo. le. num. 35/300, unframed. - One of the most eminent German painters of Informel, studied 1932-35 at the Dortmund art school, because he was banned from his profession during the "Third Reich" he worked as design draughtsman, he had his international breaktrough with his participation at the Documenta 1955 a. the Venice Biennale 1961, he won many prizes a. was professor at several academies, in 2009 he was dedicated an own museum in Hagen. S."s mature art is completely abstract a. captivates only by the virtuous use of colour a. form. - Mus.: Hagen (Emil Schumacher Mus.), Essen (Folkwang Mus.), Wuppertal (Von der Heydt Mus.), New York, Wien (Mus. Ludwig), Luxemburg a. others. - Lit.: Vollmer a. others.