Künstlerverzeichnis - Knud Andreassen Baade

Romantic Landscape in Moonlight

Knud Andreassen Baade (Skiold 1808 - München 1879)

Romantic Landscape in Moonlight | Hammer €

Oil/canvas, 46 x 63,5 cm, min. rest. relined. - Expertise: According to Frode Ernst Haverkamp from the Oslo National Museum the painting is by Knud A. Baade. - Norwegian history a. landscape painter. B. began studying in the studio of C. Lehmann in Bergen, 1825-29 he studied at the Copenhagen academy under C. W. Eckersberg. 1836-39 a. 1843-45 he was able to continue his studies under J. C. Dahl in Dresden with a scholarship. After travelling extensively in Norway, South Germany, Tyrolia a. Switzerland he settled Munich in 1845 a. started concentrating on the painting of moonlit landscapes. In 1872 he became member of the Stockholm academy.