Künstlerverzeichnis - Sintenis

A rare bronze sculpture 'boy with a lamb'

Renée Sintenis (Glaz/Schlesien 1888 - Berlin 1965)

A rare bronze sculpture 'boy with a lamb' | Hammer €

Around 1950. Bronze with warm brown patina, h. 29,5 cm, on the plinth monogr. 'RS', sideways foundry mark 'H. Noack Berlin', on a stone base (h. 2 cm). - Another cast bronze 'boy with lamb' (1949) exists in the Knauf collection in Berlin (Inv. 10357). - Comp.: U. Berger/G. Ladwig (Hrsg.): Renée Sintenis. Das Plastische Werk, Berlin 2013, WVZ Nr. 194, S. 138; Buhlmann 1987, Nr. 73; Kiel 1956, S. 94; HaW 1958, Nr. 96. - Provenance: Private collection Lower Saxony - German sculptress and graphic artist, created especially small sized animal bronzes and female nudes and therefore items to be transferred to the medium of graphics. Studies at the the teaching facilities of the Kunstgewerbemuseum in Berlin, since 1913 represented at the Sezession's exhibitions in Berlin, 1948 an appointment to the Institute of Fine Arts in Berlin, 1955 appointment as a full professor, friendly with R.M. Rilke and J. Ringelnatz.