Künstlerverzeichnis - Martin Gensler

Idyll by the Well

Martin Gensler (Hamburg 1811 - Hamburg 1881)

Idyll by the Well | Hammer €

Oil/wood, 40,5 x 31,5 cm, lo. le. sign. a. dat. Martin Gensler 1840, min. rest. - Landscape a. figure painter from a Hamburg artist's family. He was trained by J. Rachau a. by his brothers Johann Jakob a. Günther G., maybe he also studied at the Munich a. Düsseldorf academies. As early as 1830 he exhibited at the Berlin academy. After large parts of Hamburg burnt down in 1842 he commissioned by the Senate to conservate the historical remnants a. thus became a pioneer of monument preservation. G. was also involved with the founding of the museum for the history of Hamburg as well as the arts a. crafts museum. - Mus.: Hamburg (Kunsthalle, Altonaer Mus.), Erfurt, Lüneburg, Washintong a. others. - Lit.: Saur, Thieme-Becker.