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Dorothy Iannone (Boston 1933) - Sell & Buy

Paintress, graphic artist, installation a. video artist. From 1953-58 she studied literature in Boston a. Waltham. In 1959 she began painting in the fashionable style of abstract expressionism, shortly after she turned to the typically erotic scenes. She ran a gallery in New York with her husband whom she abandoned in 1967 in favour of the performance artist Dieter Roth. In 1976 she moved to Berlin whre she still lives a. works today. Her works were showcased at many important international exhibitions, among others at the Whitney Biennal a. at the Tate Modern, nonetheless some of her works were censored until the 1990s. Mus.: Aalborg, Roskilde.

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Dorothy Iannone (Boston 1933)

Erotic Phantasy

Proceeds : 6.200 €

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Catalog: Mai 2014 (05/2014)

Dorothy Iannone (Boston 1933)

The Mistress

Proceeds : 3.500 €

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Catalog: November 2014 (11/2014)

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